History of Dermatology Institute

   Dermatology Institute was established in B.E.2508 by Dermatological Society of Thailand, which led by นายแพทย์นวรัต ไกรฤกษ์, the chairman. They had foreseen an importance of having the specialized institute as an academic center, a dermatological research institute for tropical countries in Southeast Asia. This initiative thus brought up to the President of the Medical Association of Thailand.

   Consequently, the cabinet had resolved in principle approval on this in September 5th, B.E.2511 and made an agreement with the Ministry of Finance for the budget and blueprint, in which the Minister of Public Health was the chairman, while subcommittee prepared for the building construction, with the Director General of Department of Medical Services as the chairman. And แพทย์หญิงเรณู โคตรจรัส, who was the physician in Rajavithi Hospital at that time, as the secretary to organize finance and manpower budget. The Budget Bureau had allocated the B.E.2513 budget of 5,703,200 Baht.

   Thereupon, in November 19th, B.E.2513, the cabinet had resolved in principle approval to let the Minister of Public Health, พลตำรวจเอกประเสริฐ รุจิรวงศ์, as the one to led the groundbreaking ceremony, opened, and checked-up patients on April 18th, B.E.2515 under the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health. Besides,
แพทย์หญิงเรณู โคตรจรัส is the co-founder, who was later the first Director of the Dermatology Institute.

   In B.E.2515, it was the first year of an operation, there were 5,652 patients. It increased to 21,527 patients in a later year, and had been increased over time until recent (B.E.2559), our Dermatology Institute has approximately 180,000 patients.

   The significant change happened in B.E.2558, in which the Dermatology Institute had obtained the new construction building budget to replace the original building of more than 43 years old that is incapable of handling 180,000 patients a year.


Dermatology Institutes Authority
   Dermatology Institute is in charge of the development in medical science for all skin diseases via academic research, academic teaching, specialized personnel development, and treatment for dermatitis patients to enhance the healthcare service center via qualified medical services to serve satisfied customers.

Dermatology Institutes Authority
   In accordance with the Ministerial Regulations of government divisions, Ministry of Public Health B.E.2545,no.3 (17), it prescribes that the Dermatology Institute shall enact as follows;

  • 1. To study, analyze, research and develop dermatological knowledge and technology
  • 2. To transfer dermatological knowledge and technology to all public and private healthcare centers
  • 3. To provide service to support for the referral dermatitis patients and enhance knowledge and operational skills of treatment and help recovering the dermatological service ability to doctors and healthcare personnel in both private and public healthcare centers
  • 4. To oversee and supervise Dermatology Institute’s operation regionally
  • 5. To cooperate or support other related or designated institutions