Location/ Service Channels

Walkin: Telemedicine, 10th Floor

Temporary office: Dermatology Institute, 80th Birthday Anniversary Building, Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health

Address: 420/7, Dermatology Institute, Rajavithi Road, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

Advance appointment: 20 queues/day, Monday-Friday; 1.00pm-3.00pm (except Saturday-Sunday and public holidays)

Tel: 097-851-0000, 097-852-0000

Line ID: 097-851-0000, 063-906-2288

Operating hours

Walkin registration: 20 queues/day, Monday-Friday; 8.30am-10.30am. Official hours: Monday-Friday

Online/Phone registration: 097-851-0000, 097-852-0000

Doctor schedule: 9.00am-12.00pm

Off hours for Specialty Clinic


Service Requirements

Telemedicine provides the service to Dermatology Institute’s existing patients, who have stable symptoms and recently taken the service within 1 year

Required Information: ID Card or HN number

Related Medical Documents: Disease image, Pharmaceutical image, Patient referral form, Laboratory results (in case the patients have the appointment with laboratory; blood testing; before the appointment)

Required gadgets: Mobile phone with Line application

Postpone an appointment

Tel: 097-851-0000, 063-906-2288, please postpone at least 1 working days in advance

  • Official Hours Medical Fees: 100 Baht (One Hundred Baht)
  • International Medical Fees (except Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia) in Official Hours and Off Hours: 500 Baht (Five Hundred Baht)
  • Pharmaceutical Fees: according to the service received by recipients
  • Postage Service Fees: 50 Baht (only for the recipients who pay for themselves and other hospitals’ Social Security Privilege)
Service Scope

Starts from 8.30am

  1. Screening and registration
  2. Personal information (disease image, pharmaceutical image)
  3. Starts to have the doctors checkup from 9.00am, following the lining
  4. The patients will be informed the next step service
  5. Patientsinformation will be sent to Pharmacy and Financial departments at 12.00pm
  6. Address information will be gathered to Pharmacy department
  7. Pharmacy department contact the recipients to confirm the medicine lists and sending addresses
  8. Financial department contact the recipients for the account number of the payment
  9. Financial department check the transferred payment at 4.00pm
  10. Medicine delivery via Thailand Post to the recipients after the check-up day at 1.00pm (except Friday, the medicine will be delivered at 1.00pm on Monday)
  11. Medicine delivery via Thailand Post
  12. Postal code will be registered into an inspection system
Check-up Queue Arrangement

The recipients please use the same ticket queue from the ticket entrance until payment. The queue arrangement is prioritized with the beginning letter;

“T” means General recipients (seeing doctors)

“O” means General recipients (buying the same medicine without seeing doctors)

Service Procedures

Registration > Check-up at Telemedicine > Cashier > Pharmacy

  1. Insurance benefits checking
  2. Registration
  3. Recipients’ personal information before the check-up
  4. Check-up (seeing the doctor)
  5. Get informed the details by officers before going to the next service point
  6. Payment
  7. Medicine pick up

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