Anti-aging center

Provides an examination, diagnosis, prevention, and anti-aging for the holistic health improvement to have a better quality of life, altogether with skincare treatment by the international modern technology of medical tools

Medical Service
  • Sculpture technology to remove the excess fat without surgery, no recovery required, safety, and certified the standard by United States Food and Drug Administration
  • Build & strengthening muscle, tone abdominal, hips, and thigh muscles, and Urinary Incontinence treatment by Electromagnetic
  • Connective tissue problems treatment, Fat & Cellulite reduction, anti-wrinkles, circumference reduction, skin tightening & body slimming, stretch marks reduction by Radio frequency
  • Wound Healing and Skin Rejuvenation for both facial & body and acne redness and dark spots reduction by LED
  • Skin moisturizing and antioxidant treatment into under layer skin for the youthfulness of skin
  • Skin examination by specialized tools and individual advice for anti-aging skin
  • Micronutrients and antioxidant analysis, advice, and personalized nutritional supplement by specialized medical personnel
Operating hours

Official hours: 1.00pm-3.00pm, Wednesdays


Anti-aging center, 10th Floor, Dermatology Institute, 80th Birthday Anniversary Building, Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health

Appointment and contact

Official hours: 9.00am-4.00pm, Monday-Friday

Tel: 095-2072842

To postpone an appointment: please call in advance 3 working days

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