Clinical Laboratory

Dermatology Institute, Department of Medical Technology; Ministry of Public Health, is certified according to the qualified managerial system as prescribed in Department of Medical Technology’s standard B.E. 2560 for the Laboratory, and it is accredited 2nd time by The Medical Technology Council (January, 16th B.E.2561 – January, 15th B.E.2564).

Laboratory Service by expertise medical personnel in 4 areas of;

  1. Bacteria Test Microbiological Culture and Antimicrobial Resistance Test, altogether with Mycobacterium, Leprosy, and Tuberculosis
  2. Complete Blood Count (CBC) Urinary Porphyrin Test, Urinary Pathology Test, Pathology and Stool Guaiac Test
  3. Immunology Laboratory Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF) Test for skin tissue, indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) Test, which are FANA, anti-Intercellular Ab, anti-Basement membrane zone Ab, anti DSG 1 Ab, anti DSG 3 Ab, anti BP 180 Ab,anti BP 230 Ab, and Salt Split Ig G, Hepatitis B and C virus Immunity Check, Syphilis Test, Anti HIV Test, Allergy Test from blood, and Chemical Chemistry Analysis
  4. Direct Fungal Diagnosis and Fungal Culture from skin flakes, nails, hair, and under skin for example; skin tissue, blood and pus, cerebrospinal fluid, phlegm; Direct Pathology Test from skin and hair

Laboratory locations, there are 2 locations;

  1. Laboratory, 10th Floor, 80th Birthday Anniversary Building
    – Bacteriology: Room 45, Tel: 095-2072862, 095-2051302
    – Hematology and Clinic Microscopy: Room47, Tel: 095-2072858
    – Immunology and Clinical Chemistry: Room 47, Tel: 095-207 2857, 095-207 2856
    – Myology: Room 48-50, Tel: 095-2072859, 095-2072860
  2. Laboratory, 4th Floor, 80th Birthday Anniversary Building
    – Bacteriology: Bacterial Culture Room
    – Immunology and Clinical Chemistry: Laboratory of Immunology and Clinical Chemistry
    – Myology: Fungal Culture Room

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