Inpatient Department (IPD)

Service scope


  1. Contact 22nd Floor 80th Birthday Anniversary Building, Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health (temporary office)
  2. Tel: 095-2072822-3, 02-3543744
  3. Fax: 02-3542744-4, Email:

Operating Hours
Everyday, including public holidays; 24/7

Service Requirements

Required Documents or Statements
ID Card 1 copy
Service Level
Period: From admit until discharge from the hospital
Quality: Customer Satisfaction Survey results not less than 90%
Service Procedures

ProceduresResponsible units
1. New patient registrationInpatient Department (IPD)
2. Informing the service procedures and rules at hospital, Room and meals fee, ParkingInpatient Department (IPD)
3. Patients sign the admit consent form, the will of expense for medical treatment form of insurance and extra payment by cashInpatient Department (IPD)
4. Interviewing patients for historical recordInpatient Department (IPD)
5. Treatment following the medical plan and nursing standardInpatient Department (IPD)
6. Discharge plan and Health education for patients to continue taking care themselves at homeInpatient Department (IPD)
7. Homing or Patient referral to other hospitalsInpatient Department (IPD)
8. Extra payment by cash; room fee, NED, Cosmeceutical SkincareFinancial (Cashier)
9. Take medicine home, Appointment notes, Patient referral and Historical records (in case the patients suffer from relapse or need to continue to take the treatment at other hospitals)Inpatient Department (IPD)
Clients Compliant

If the service does not follow according to the agreement, customers can contact via;

  1. Comments Box
  2. Customer Satisfaction Form
  3. Tel: 095-2072822-3, 02-3543744-4
  4. Fax: 02-3543744

Room and Meals Rate

1. Room and Meals Rate

PrivilegeRoom TypesMeal TypesRoom RateMeal RateRoom and Meal RateInsurance CoverageExtra PaymentDiscountPaid by cash
Gold Card Privilege GeneralGeneral400included in room rate400400000
Extra room (mixed)Extra800250105040000650
Extra room (single)Extra12002501450400001050
Social SecurityGeneralGeneral400included in room rate400400000
Extra room (mixed)Extra800250105040000650
Extra room (single)Extra12002501450400001050
Government officer disbursement, Bangkok pensionGeneralGeneral400included in room rate4001000000
Extra room (mixed)Extra80025010501000502525
Extra room (single)Extra120025014501000450225225
Department of Medical Services DisbursementGeneralGeneral400included in room rate4001000000
Extra room (mixed)Extra800250105010005037.512.5
Extra room (single)Extra120025014501000450337.5112.5
State enterpriseGeneralGeneral400included in room rate400According to the agreement options
Extra room (mixed)Extra8002501050According to the agreement options
Extra room (single)Extra12002501450According to the agreement options

  1. Nursing services 300 Baht/day
  2. Other medical and nursing services, depends upon the treatment and medical privilege

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